PROWORK ltd has been a leading Czech producer of quality
ergonomic chairs since 1995. The company is certified for
development, production and sale and meets the strictest criteria
for quality, ergonomics and utility properties of work seats.

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News for the upcoming year

News 2015 – We have added several collections in our product range: airy iNET for offices or home offices; space-saving iMEDI PRO for doctors, seniors and all who suffer from pain, especially in the lumbar spine area; durable OPERATOR for difficult dispatcher operations or luxury EXCLUSIVE for managers. And that’s not all. Check out our new price list and choose your model.…

December 2015

Company holiday

Dear customers, in the period from December 23th 2015 to January 3th 2016 there will be company holidays with the shutdown of production and distribution of goods. During company holidays you can still send …

November 2015


We upgraded the existing 3 sizes of the headrests on specially shaped holder. Particularly suitable for those with a significant problem in the cervical spine or substantially rounded shoulders. The shaping of the rod is…

October 2015

1995 – two partners – Silvie Víchová and Petr Havlena – establish a new company in Opava. The aim of business is to manufacture and sale high standard quality seating furniture. Petr Havlena is responsible for complete technology and production, his companion for business and sales.

1997 – Petr Havlena becomes the sole director and 100% owner of the company. The last financial resources are used for the first special catalog with a complete product offer. The company and its products finally capture the interest of business partners despite the relatively higher price.

2001 – After 5 years the company leaves the unsuitable and overpriced rented premises on the 3rd floor of a retired textile factory where production and the warehouse is situated and moves to the beautifully renovated yard of a former filling room of vegetable oils near the center of the city of Krnov.

2005 – After a serious car accident and subsequent rehabilitation the owner cooperates with physiotherapists on a new concept of “healthier” sitting. He also tries to face the question of long-term work sessions without painful consequences. The first THERAPIA model is created.

2008 – The first model of a health chair THERAPIA records a great success. In cooperation with a successful design studio is created a new attractive design model THERAPIA BODY, for which the young author wins the Czech Grand Desing prize.

2011 – PROWORK ltd begins to export abroad. Therapia models are promoted on the most demanding markets in ergonomics and healthy lifestyle, such as Norway and Denmark.

2014 – THERAPIA products are promoted in non-stop workplaces with the highest demands such as police, military or fire department. In the end of the year all models THERAPIA gain a statute of an individual medical device due to positive results in clinical trials.

2015 – 10 years of its existence, the Therapia family has grown in models of many sizes, shapes and equipment. Our mission is to seat everyone healthier regardless of height, weight, age or gender.

Choose and test your chair at your nearest dealer. We recommend to carefully test specially THERAPIA models at an authorized dealer or consult its suitability with physiotherapists. You can orientate by marks that indicate the range PROWORK dealer, authorized dealer THERAPIA or physiotherapists.

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